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Along with our fans SIWL offers a wide range of motors for different applications as per customer requirement.

The most commonly used motor is the Squirrel Cage Type used for all general applications and purposes.

Another type is the Slip Ring Motor used in case where high starting torque is required such as mining application.

We Supply Our Equipment with the Following Specifications of Motors

Enclosure : Totally Enclosed, Squirrel Cage Motor.
Mounting : Foot Mounted, Flange Mounted.
Pole : 2, 4, 6, 8, Dual Speed Motor.
Insulation : Class 'F'/ 'H'
Degree of Protection : IP-55, IP-54, IP-56
Ambient Temperature : 45°, 50° C
Frequency : 50 Hz and 60 Hz supply
Efficiency Class : Eff-1 and Eff- 2

Smoke Spill Motor as per BS 7346 Part-2 1940 is used for smoke exhaust fans. These motors can run for at least 2 hrs and withstand upto 250°C- 300°C temperature and run for at least 2 hrs in case of fire.
Flame Proof Motor is used in hazardous areas where flammable gas and vapour exists such as underground mines, battery rooms, etc.


Our Regular Brands of Motor Supply are
Marathon Electric ABB Bharat Bijlee Ltd. (BBL)
Hindustan Motor Havells Laxmi Hydraulic